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Name:『twilitdrafts ⇋ twi's in-progress works』
Birthdate:Mar 28

Perhaps this is your first time receiving such a call. Perhaps you've done it many times before, whether in your own world, or… elsewhere.

Regardless, welcome to Saeng Seong, a city in dire need of your help. Something's gone wrong, though what that thing is (the native residents call it "power problems"), how it happened, and how exactly you're fixing it is something you'll have to do a little digging to find out. And the residents of the city have made it clear - until you can help them, they won't, can't send you home. They need you to help save them, after all. It's something only you can do.

The City and its native residents seem to be eager to help you at least, and for all your unwilling arrival, they've certainly done their best to make sure that everyone's stay is as comfortable as they can make it.

But don't think you can do it alone. In fact, this is one adventure you simply can't complete by yourself, no matter how independent or how much of a loner you were up till now. Because in Saeng Seong, if you can't get in touch with people - actual touch - then you may find yourself destabilizing, withering away. It doesn't have to be much; you could probably get by on handshakes if you do it enough. But without keeping in contact with the other new arrivals, you won't make it far.

One thing's for sure at least. You'll never be entirely alone…

Rekindle is a panfandom game, with fluffy, slice-of-life elements and a slow-moving underlying plotline that characters can have some impact on. Characters brought to the city will need to keep up a certain "quota" of physical contact with other player characters as they settle into and explore the strange city of Saeng Seong, or else risk losing control of their powers (if they have any) and developing withdrawal symptoms that get progressively more severe.

What's going on in Saeng Seong? Why are they really here, and how can they expedite the process of going home? That's something they can explore and find out. Or perhaps they can just settle down, and find a good person to cuddle with for a while. Either way works!

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